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Why Millennials are Moving to Arizona

If you're wondering why millennials are moving to Arizona, the answer is - because they are absurdly smart. This US state is a popular destination for young people, and it's one of the top ten destinations millennials decide to move to. The number of millennials in this area is so significant that it makes up for 23% of Phoenix's residents. Let's break it down, fact time.

Arizona dream

We're not here to talk about the Grand Canyon. About the Grand Canyon state's diversity? Absolutely. It's not all cacti, creosote bushes, and dust on your eyelashes. Arizona is a proud owner of its farms, national forests, falls, 194 mountain ranges, and remarkably enough - it is also home to the largest stand of ponderosa pine trees in the universe.

A sunset over the hills
It's not all rocks.

Oh, and did we fail to mention Saguaro, the Sonoran native? The only cactus reaching up to 12 meters in height. The glory.

Phoenix from the ashes

Where are all the millennials headed? Phoenix, Arizona. Let's talk stats.

Phoenix has been voted the third most popular and desirable city for millennials. The Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler metro area population grew by 20.7% in a single decade (2010-2020). In just three years (!) 2017-2020, the population in Phoenix increased by 6.3%, winning the third place (this isn't a beauty pageant, we need more than a shy clap) when it comes to population growth in the entire U.S. Millennials make up around 24% of Phoenix's population, as it witnessed the largest influx of newcomers around the country.

Phoenix may be the number one pick, but smaller cities offer just as much. Who on Earth wouldn't want to move to Sedona? Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert. This country, I tell you.

The valley of the sun

25920000 seconds of sunlight per year. With around +/- 300 sunny days each year, it's a tough place to beat. Do we need to think twice about why millennials are moving to Arizona? Again, they have exquisite reasoning and are aware of all the vitamin D benefits. Arizona's falls and winters are gentle like cotton, swaying between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit; nine months of absolute divinity. However, it can get a little sticky during the summer when temperatures reach over 100 degrees. In that case, a millennial's three-letter answer to the "who is a man's best friend?" question would be "SPF," not "DOG." Still. A splash on your T zone, and you're good to go.

Summertime, and housing is easy

The truth is, young people are bidding New York and LA farewell. So long, coastline of mine. Millennials have been fleeing big cities, and the pandemic isn't the only culprit. Median home prices in the US go up roughly around 20% each year. Meanwhile, incomes stay pretty much put. The median home price in Phoenix, AZ, has gone up too but compared to LA and NYC, it's more than inviting. 

The median property value in Phoenix, AZ comes around $440,000; now compare that to a whopping +/- $900,000 in NYC and going as far as $1,000,000 in the City of Angels. Gas and food prices are also very affordable. With these prices, one could be tempted to go through a cross country move in order to move into a more affordable area. Granted, cross country moving may not be the happiest of times, but there are ways to make it easier. Smooth sailing. 

a solitary road in Arizona
Home taxes in Phoenix are immeasurably lower compared to other populated cities.

Open for business

Did someone call an Uber?

Yes, Uber loves Arizona. The company's "Center of Excellence" is based in the Valley of the Sun, employing hundreds of individuals. Their self-driving cars? All tested in Phoenix. Google, too. Electric car companies? Lucid Motors. Startups love the Grand Canyon state, and the state of Grand Canyon prefers innovative thinking and technology; it holds our reforming future in a soft embrace.

+100,000 new job positions in the private sector? 

Arizona, you have a gift basket from a secret admirer. 

Let's go outside

Demographic change is upon us! 

Although sunbathing retirees of Arizona hold a special place in our hearts, millennials are hitting those hiking trails like there is no tomorrow. With Covid-19 still breathing down our necks (give it up for this triathlon champion) and having health awareness deeply woven into every one of us, Arizona has shown its capacity for keeping millennials startlingly sane. Camping, hiking, mountain biking, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, rafting, trail running; you name it, Arizona has it. Even skiing.

The best way to get familiar with all the hidden gems it has to offer - go, visit, explore. A local tour  beforehand should be on any millennial's list.

Wine galore

Arizona is known for being endowed with fertile soil, having three spectacular wine regions as tangible proof: 
● Willcox
● Sonoita
● Verde Valley

Millennials have a refined palate; they know their wine and enjoy it immensely. Arizona offers over 110 vineyards and wineries, and their product is nothing short of a world-class glass, be it Merlot varietals, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, or Cabernet Sauvignon. Is anyone up for wine tour?

A beautiful vineyard – one of the reasons why millennials are moving to Arizona
Are we still wondering why millennials are moving to Arizona?

Diversity, above all

Phoenix is the place foreigners call home. In fact, they make up the majority of its population. Whatever age, sex, color, religion, or background - its gates are open, eagerly anticipating like-minded people. It yearns for progression and sees the future for what it should be. Don't forget; Arizona was once the home of Native Americans. The ethereal essence of this land, now intertwined with technology and innovation without ever waiving its inherent spirituality and magic, makes it a perfect home for millennials. The diversity of this place ends up being one more reason why millennials are moving to Arizona.