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6 Reasons to Move to Sedona, AZ in 2022


Sedona is a community in Arizona's Northern Verde Valley region that spans the county border between Coconino and Yavapai counties. It offers a variety of activities starting from numerous hiking and mountain bike paths and journeys into the desert. For its various resorts, sunlight and four wonderfully warm seasons, art & culture, and magnificent vistas surrounded by red cliffs, this gorgeous town attracts a vast number of travelers year-round. Completely encircled by the 1.8 million acres of Coconino National Forest, it was named the most beautiful location in the US. If this sounds appealing, let's dive into the reasons to move to Sedona, AZ in the coming year.

Beautiful nature

One of the biggest reasons to move to Sedona is the nature surrounding the city. As we mentioned, Sedona was named the Most Beautiful Place In America by USA Weekend, and for a good reason. The settlement lies in Oak Creek Canyon, a 16-mile ravine surrounded by national forest, only two hours north of Phoenix. When you explore, you can enjoy glittering cascades, calm streams, and steep rock cliffs and admire the enchanting multi-colored stones unique to this region.

Outdoor activities

Acres of national forest property that encircle Sedona provide some of the most spectacular views in the world. Visitors and residents will have lots of opportunities to appreciate the surroundings, thanks to many outdoor activities and sightseeing possibilities.

A rock formation in Sedona, AZ

There are several ways to explore Sedona's vast trails and parks, from hiking and biking to ATVs and horseback riding. There is also an offer of amazing guided tours and excursions. Some of the natural wonders that are a must for hikers include:

  • Bell Rock - With its dome-like shape, this structure is one of the most easily recognized in Sedona. The hike is 3.6 miles and offers breathtaking views.
  • West Rock Trail - Located amidst the Coconino National Forest, the trail is great to visit all year round. The flora surrounding the creek is remarkable to observe up close.
  • Cathedral Rock - If you are looking for photogenic, Instagrammable locations, this Red Rock formation is just the place for you.
  • Devil’s Bridge - You will love the view from this largest natural sandstone in the area.

You can also bring your fishing gear and spend the day at Oak Creek. Oak Creek, one of Arizona's most gorgeous trout creeks, offers excellent fishing with a backdrop!

Art and culture

Art and culture have a long history in Sedona and are woven into the very fabric of the town. From ancient Yavapai petroglyphs and dwellings to the surrealist Max Ernst, who resided and created here, the heritage and cultural experiences span eras. Sedona's creative energy comes from the beautiful nature that has long enticed artists to strive to capture it.

Nowadays, you can enjoy one of the 80 galleries located in the city, covering every medium - paintings, abstracts, photography, sculptures, and much more. Hundreds of artists move here every year, making it a mecca for both creators and art enthusiasts.

In addition, the region is full of events. Festivals like the Sedona Arts Festival, the International Film Festival, Sedona Jazz on the Rocks, and many more are popular among residents and visitors. Wine tastings, calming spa treatments, and spiritual retreats are also available to those seeking a more peaceful experience.

The weather

When debating whether to relocate somewhere, the climate is always one of the most important factors. However, you will be happy to learn that the Sedona region is an outdoor oasis year-round, with pleasant temperatures in all seasons.

A hiking trail in Sedona

Sedona has a semi-arid climate due to its location in the high desert. Winters will be mild, allowing for a little coating of snow to fall from the skies, which will swiftly melt as the sun emerges. The remainder of the year is moderate, with beautiful summers where people make the most of every opportunity to get out and explore the resort-like attractions.

A thriving tourism sector and growing economy

Sedona's economy is mainly reliant on the tourism sector. Tourists are key for over 10,000 jobs and over $1 billion in revenue. The accommodation/food and arts & entertainment industries employ around 20% of Sedona's workers. Visitor-related activity accounts for a significant portion of the city's sales tax revenue, 77% precisely.

A woman sitting on a cliff overlooking a canyon

Other industries in Sedona include educational/healthcare/social assistance, which accounts for 21%, professional/scientific/management, which accounts for 15%, and construction and retail trade, with each accounting for around 10%.

If you think these sectors aren't the best fit for you, many popular cities in Arizona offer something for everyone. There are many other places worth considering, so check them out, and we are sure you will find a place that's just right for you.

How much can you expect to earn?

If you want to move to Sedona, AZ, this information could come in handy. Although numerous factors influence earnings, like education and experience, the average salary in Sedona is $38,202. However, if you are part of a two-income household, your annual income will probably be close to $80,000.

Unique shops and restaurants

In the city, there is a wide variety of unique shops, restaurants, and hotels/motels. There are many local shops that you won't find anywhere else, such as crystal shops, one-of-a-kind clothes stores, and rare booksellers. It's a pretty exciting area to live in since there are so many different things to do and places to shop.

Sedona's culinary scene has also been bustling due to a large number of visitors. The town is a hiking and nature enthusiast's paradise, so it's no surprise that there are so many beautiful places to pick from! Visitors are looking for a fantastic location to dine after a long day of touring the trails, and this Arizona town does not miss. Verde Valley wine trails also represent a haven for all gastronomes and wine lovers.

Final thoughts on reasons to move to Sedona, AZ

With its wonderful nature, mild climate, and flourishing cultural scene, this town is an excellent choice for many. We have named some of the reasons to move to Sedona, AZ, and you can get to know the rest when you visit the city. And if you need a Premier Transportation company, we've got you covered.